Death, Life and Laughter: Esseys on religion in honour of Douglas Davies

Birth, death and the rituals that take us from one to the other tell us a lot about humanity and our quest to understand ourselves. This is best done through cross-disciplinary analyses, and Douglas Davie’s  work is a rare example of this kind of scholarship. This book serves as a tribute to Davies' work and a critical commentary on the questions that arise from it, featuring essays by renowned international scholars - including Impact researcher Anders Bäckström and Martha Middlemis Lé Mon.  

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Death, Life and Laughter
Death, Life and Laughter: Esseys on religion in honour of Douglas Davies.

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The research programme which currently dominates activity at CRS is The Impact of religion – Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy. It runs over ten years 2008-2018 and involves about 60 researchers at several faculties and departments at Uppsala university.

The second international conference on:
The Impact of Religion Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy

Uppsala University, Sweden, April 24-26th 2018

Invitation and Call for papers

  • Suggestions for special thematic sessions are welcome; please send an email to by May 31st 2017

  • Deadline for the submission of abstracts (max 200 words): October 31st 2017

The conference is hosted by The Impact of Religion Programme and Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre at Uppsala University. 

Information on abstract format and delivery, programme, registration, venue etc. will be available here in May 2017. 

New guest researchers at CRS during 2017

Emir Mahieddin, France, April 2017-August 2018
​Ekaterina Grishaeva, Ryssland, February-October2017
Bodil Lodberg, Danmark, February 2017
Damian Guzek, Poland, January-June 2017