Religion, Human Rights and Education

Religion, Human Rights and Education provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the intersections between religion, human rights and education.

Can religious rituals, songs or buildings be part of the public school system? Can students in training to become nurses or medical doctors claim conscientious objection to certain procedures with reference to freedom of religion. What is the relation between human rights education and religious education? What do young people in school in different continents actually think about different aspects of human rights, and does religion have anything to do with it?

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Religion, Human Rights and Education
Anders Sjöborg & Hans-Georg Ziebertz (red.)

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The Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS) is a centre for interdisciplinary research at Uppsala University, Department of Theology. Research focuses on processes of religious and social change.

The research programme which currently dominates activity at CRS is The Impact of religion – Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy. It runs over ten years 2008-2018 and involves about 60 researchers at several faculties and departments at Uppsala university.

The second international conference on

The Impact of Religion
Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy

Uppsala University, Sweden, April 24-26th 2018

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The conference is hosted by The Impact of Religion Programme and Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre at Uppsala University. 

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The Nordic conference 

Exhausted Women – Exhausted Welfare
Religion and minorities in the transformations of gender and welfare

will take place the 23-24th of November 2017 at Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS), The Humanities Theatre, English Park campus area, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Information and Call for papers

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Open seminars at CRS during autumn 2017

New guest researchers at CRS during 2017

Sabina Hadžibulić, Impact postdoc, September 2017-January 2019
Ann af Burén, Impact postdoc, September 2017-January 2019
Emir Mahieddin, Impact postdoc, April 2017-August 2018
​Ekaterina Grishaeva, Ryssland, February-October2017
Bodil Lodberg, Danmark, February 2017
Damian Guzek, Poland, January-June 2017