Since CRS is a research centre, it follows that the centre does not gives any proper courses of its own. However, students may learn of the research from CRS and the IMPACT-programme through a number of courses at various departments at Uppsala University, most notably the Department of Theology and the Department of Law. 

The following courses give some examples of courses where students may meet the research conducted at CRS and the Impact of Religion programme. Regularly, there are also courses given in English.

Postgraduate studies

Regarding postgraduate studies, the centre has no research education of its own. PhD-candidates active in the centre are related to different departments at Uppsala University. Interested candidates are suggested to apply at the respective faculty or department which suits their project. We also recommend a discussion with both the department in question and the centre. Association with the centre may be realized where it it is found appropriate to both the centre and the department in question. Regarding sojourns as guest doctoral student, please see this information.



 Students in a library