Research at CRS

Reasearch is carried out at CRS with a focus on welfare issues in relation to religion, existential questions and the creation of meaning. The interaction between the diaconal work of the churches and ongoing processes of change in church and society is paid particular attention.

In 2008 the Swedish Research Council funded the project The Impact of Religion: Challenges to Society, Law and Democracy at Uppsala university, with 50 million SEK. The project is based on an application for a Centre of Excellence that was submitted by a research group from Uppsala University. The programme is led by Anders Bäckström, professor of the sociology of religion (CRS, Faculty of Theology) in cooperation with Maarit Jänterä Jareborg, professor of private international law at the Faculty of Law.

Apart from this, two larger European projects with focus on issues of welfare in Europe in relation to values, religion, gender and minorities has dominated the research at CRS Welfare and Values in Europe (WaVE) and Welfare and Religion in a European Perspective (WREP). Other research related to Religion and Society focuses/ has focused on the following areas:

  • Social care and Social economy
  • Diaconal work and Diaconal institutions
  • Ritual and Worship
  • Disability and questions of life
  • Young people’s attitudes and questions about life
  • Abortion and existential needs
  • Human Rights
  • From State church to free folk church
  • The role of the church in the welfare state