1.4 Gender, religion and secularity

1.4.a. Life stories at the intersection of religion and gender: transgender with a Jewish Orthodox background

This PhD project looks into how transgender people with an Orthodox background explore old and new ways to live meaningful Jewish lives, with a particular focus on the interplay between religion and gender in the lives of the participants. The project aims at reflecting the participants’ personal experiences and how they negotiate their position vis-à-vis the values of Orthodox Judaism and the societies in which they live. The study includes two extended fieldwork periods in Israel and North America and will be completed in spring 2017.

Participant researcher: Oriol Poveda

1.4.b The reluctant reformists of Islam – an ethnographic study of Muslim feminist in Sweden

This project explores how the relation between Islam and feminism is conceptualized, lived and enacted, among young Muslim feminists in Sweden. It investigates the interplay between these women’s experiences as women and minorities, their relation to the Islamic tradition and the surrounding social and cultural processes. It enters into this discourse through a critical engagement with the concept of detraditionalization and the individualization of religion thesis. The project will be completed in 2017.

Participating researcher: Vanja Mosbach