Theme 4: Well-Being and Health

The aim of theme four is to inaugurate innovative research on the relationship between health, well-being, stress and religion in Swedish and other multicultural healthcare contexts, also observing the legal aspects of this field.

Religion is becoming an increasingly important topic in Swedish healthcare. On the one hand secularisation and religious privatisation dominate the scene. On the other, migration re-introduces traditional religion. The consequences of this complex situation challenge many individuals: healthcare personnel face individuals with cultural and existential stress on a daily basis. Clinicians, however, lack adequate tools to deal with these issues. In addition, a lack of understanding of the cultural/religious traditions of immigrants contributes to potential conflicts in healthcare delivery.

The need for new knowledge in this area is acute: religion and health in relation to stress and well-being, migration and acculturation, and medical law. The relationships between these factors remain virtually unexplored in Sweden.

Moving into the next period the Well-being and Health theme will have an umbrella focus: the development of public mental health and public mental health promotion, with special focus on how existential and cultural meaning-making dimensiosn need to be included in these overlapping areas. In this respect, all researchers and projects in the area will be involved in this process. This development is a direct result of the research findings and identified mental health and wellbeing needs from the first part of the Impact programme. 

Theme Leader: Valerie Demarinis
Deputy Theme Leader: Fred Nyberg

Work Packages

4.1 Religion, Stress and Well-being
4.2 Immigration, Healtcare and Existential Questions
4.3 Right to Health
4.4 Public Mental Health Promotion (new title)
4.5 Cemetary Architecture: Meaning.making, Intentions and Experiences
4.6 Traumatic Experiences and Meaning Making
4.7 Moral and Identity Development among Adolescents

Publications Theme 4
The list contains publications by researchers active in the Impact programme.