Ignatius Swart - new guest researcher in May


Professor Ignatius Swart from the Research Institute for Theology and Religion (RITR) at the University of South Africa, is a guest researcher at Religion and Society in May.

He has been a "principal investigator" representing South Africa, in the bilateral research project: Welfare and Religion in a Global Perspective – theoretical and methodological exchange across the North-South divide” (WRIGP) which ended in 2010. The project is a collaboration between Uppsala University and Stellenbosch University. 

Professor Ignatius Swart will participate and contribute with a paper presentation at the Impact Programme conference "The Impact of Religion. Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy" 20-22 May.

He will also hold a public lecture with the title: "Return to a Critical past: The Churches new Critical Disposition Towards the State in Post-Apartheid South Africa" the 28th of May.

Ignatius Swart returns to South Africa on June 1st.

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