Impact researcher takes stand in the debate over Thomas Thorild


Impact researcher Gina Gustavsson, ph.d., has made her contribution to the debate over the wordings over the Uppsala University lecture hall. Her standpoint is clear: We shouldn’t change the words of Swedish writer Thomas Thorild, even though they are opposite to the free and equal quest for truth.

Gina Gustavsson’s debate article in one of the contributions to the debate page of Upsala Nya Tidning, where several academics have expressed their opinions on Thomas Thorild’s words: “To think freely is great but to think right is greater”.

Gina Gustavsson’s view is that the words are clearly opposite to the core value of the academic life, the free quest for the truth. But that doesn’t mean that the words should be changed or removed. They should rather be discussed and used as an incentive to continue the quest for truth.

Read the debate article on the web site of Upsala Nya Tidning.

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