Debate over Homeland stirs up emotions


CRS-researcher Per-Erik Nilsson about the popular TV-show: “Homeland legitimizes the struggle against terrorism”.


Per-Erik Nilsson, Historian of Religion and researcher at CRS, has stirred strong emotions with his debate articles commenting on the popular TV-show Homelands. The two debate articles are published on the website of SVT-show Debatt.

Nilsson states in his articles that Homelands legitimizes the US struggle against terrorism, and that the dramaturgy of the show can consolidate ideas of Islamophobia in society. Per-Erik Nilsson concludes: “Islam and violence once again represents the enemy in a grand American drama, where the whiteness of Brody reinforces the conception of Islam, rather than breaches it.”

In his debate articles, Nilsson calls for a critical debate about how shows like Homelands can reproduce and strengthen certain images of Islam, images that help to legitimize the “war on terrorism”.

The call for debate has been successful, at least at the website of Debatt. Per-Erik Nilsson’s article is commented by Historian David Lindén, a comment that Nilsson had replied on. Nilsson’s two articles have also led to hundreds of comments on the website of Debatt.

Links to the cited articles (in Swedish):
Debate article Per-Erik Nilsson: Homeland legitimerar kriget mot terrorismen

Debate article David Lindén: Se Homeland för vad det är – bara underhållning

Debate article Per-Erik Nilsson: Grundmurade stereotyper om ondskefull religion


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