New book by Mosa Sayed


Arvsrätt enligt shiaislam: en jämförelse av shia- och sunnimuslimska arvssystem

When the prophet Muhammed died 632 disagreement occurred about the choice of his deputy, that eventually led to a division between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Within the framework the different orientations, pluralistic theological beliefs and legal traditions were established, concerning all aspects of life - but often with important differences.

In his book Arvsrätt enligt shiaislam: en jämförelse av shia- och sunnimuslimska arvssystem, the Impact researcher Mosa Sayed from the Department of Law at Uppsala University, deals with historical events as well as today’s interpretations and challenges of the Shiite and Sunni Muslim legal systems of inheritance. With Shiite Islam in the foreground, his aim is to identify and explain the main differences between the systems. 

The inheritance system is central for the Shiite Muslim identity and uniqueness, but have not received much attention in Western research. The Islamic inheritance systems are by Muslim beliefs regarded as resting on Sharia, that in turn are based on a revealed and divinely inspired legal system. Are there any opportunities to adapt the inheritance laws to the needs of today, and if so, how?

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