Damian Guzek guest researcher at CRS during spring 2017


Damian Guzek conduct the project Defining the religiosity in social media from the perspective of the refugee crisis under the Swedish Institute Visby Postdoctoral Programme. 

Damian Guzek is also an assistant professor at the Institute of Political Science and Journalism, the University of Silesia in Katowice, Poland. There he conduct the study Media towards the idea of the secular state, financed by National Science Centre, Poland. In 2016 Damian Guzek was a visiting research fellow at School of Humanities, Keele University, England. From 2013 he represent young scholars network in ECREA TWG Media and Religion. 

Damian Guzek’s research interests focus on media, religion, and politics as well as on media coverage of conflicts, and he will stay as a guest researcher at CRS until june 2017. 

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