Death, Life and Laughter: Esseys on religion in honour of Douglas Davies


Birth, death and the rituals that take us from one to the other tell us a lot about humanity and our quest to understand ourselves. 

It is cross-disciplinary analyses of the life course that have generated the most profound insights into religion and spirituality, challenging the concepts and methods we commonly use to understand these universal aspects of human experience.

Douglas Davies' work is a rare example of this kind of scholarship, challenging the boundaries that separate theology from the social sciences and that divide academia from public life.

This book serves as a tribute to Davies' work and a critical commentary on the questions that arise from it. Featuring essays by renowned international scholars, this book brings cutting-edge research into conversation with ongoing debates about disciplinary difference and the nature of scholarship.

Here you can read more about the essay form the Impact researcher Anders Bäckström: Religion and ritual markers between the public and the private: Funerary rites in Sweden.

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