New book: Religion, Human Rights and Education


Religion, Human Rights and Education is the title of a new book related to the Impact of Religion-program. 

Edited by IMPACT researcher Anders Sjöborg and Professor Hans-Georg Ziebertz, Würzburg, who was a guest professor at CRS in 2013-14, the book provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the intersections between religion, human rights and education.  IMPACT scholars Victoria Enkvist and Kavot Zillén are also among the contributors in the volume. Can religious rituals, songs or buildings be part of the public school system? Can students in training to become nurses or medical doctors claim conscientious objection to certain procedures with reference to freedom of religion. What is the relation between human rights education and religious education? What do young people in school in different continents actually think about different aspects of human rights, and does religion have anything to do with it? Both school and higher education perspectives are covered. Specialists in sociology, political science, constitutional law, medical law, human rights law, ethics and education contribute. The book which is published both as an e-book and hardcover by Springer, is a result of an international workshop hosted by CRS and funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RJ). 

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