Research initation grant to CRS researcher Emin Poljarević - Lived Islam and Meanings of Muslimness in the 21st Century


Emin Poljarević will during a two year (research-initiation) period starting from September 2022 coordinate a research project “Lived Islam and Meanings of Muslimness in the 21st Century: A Case Study Approach”. 

Through the project he will investigate, among other questions, how do Muslims civil society organizations (MCSO) evaluate the views and productions of images of Muslims by power-brokers in self-described secular states? What role do these perceptions and evaluations play in motivations behind Muslims’ engagement in civil society activism and mobilization in both Islamicate and non-Islamicate societies? And subsequently, what is the self-ascribed role of MCSO in the selected cases (including Sweden)? This approach allows involved researchers to examine the understanding of a part of Muslim social actors’ perception and meaning-making processes in contemporary (and oftentimes antagonistic) socio-political contexts. 

Last modified: 2021-06-15