Chronicle: Diaconia Research in the Nordic Countries 2015-2019 by Lena Sjöborg


This year, I have had the privilege to do a survey of recent Nordic diaconal research, a report commissioned by the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Sweden, as my master thesis in Church and Mission Studies.

All in all, the referenced studies show that diaconal works in the Nordic countries expand beyond the concept of care, and engage in theological development, social innovation, social mobilisation and interreligious cooperation. My study makes a theoretical contribution by adapting the concentric model for Diakonia developed by Erik Blennberger (1946 – 2018), based on this empirical finding.
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Lena Sjöberg
Lena is a Deacon in the Church of Sweden and during spring 2020 was based at CRS working on the report and master’s thesis detailed above collating and analysing Nordic diaconal research. Her full thesis can be found here 

Last modified: 2021-06-15