Affiliated researchers

Most researchers currently affiliated to CRS joined the research network through the Impact of Religion research programme 2008-2018

The year in which the researcher became affiliated to CRS is given in brackets.

Ann af Burén, PhD, Comparative Religion (2017-)
Emma Ahlm (f.d. Svensson), LL.D, European Law (2009-)
Bengt Arnetz, Professor, Social Medicine (2008-2021)
Torbjörn Aronson, PhD, Church History; PhD, Political Science (2019-)
Marta Axner, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Gabriel Bar-Sawme, PhD, Ecclesiology (2021-)
Kim Beecheno, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2020-)
Rennat Bekkin, PhD Economics and PhD, Religious studies (2021-)
Karin Borevi, Associate Professor, Political Science (2010-)
Elin Boyer, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Law (2020-)
Margareta Brattström, Professor, Private Law (2008-)
Patrik Bremdal, LL.D, Constitutional Law (2011-)
Maximilian Broberg , PhD, Sociology of religion (2014-)
Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm, Professor emeritus, Systematic Theology and Studies in World Views (2008-)
Mattias Burell, PhD, Political Science (2008-2021)
Anders Bäckström, Professor emeritus, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Silvia Carretta, PhD Candidate, Private Law (2020-)
Önver Cetrez, Professor, Psychology of Religion (2008-)
Urban Claesson, Professor, Church History (2021-)
Marianne Dahlén, Assistant Professor, Legal History (2020-)
Grace Davie, Professor emerita, Sociology, University of Exeter (2008-)
Valerie Demarinis, Professor emeritus, Psychology of Religion (2008-)
Victor Dudas, PhD, Psychology of Religion (2015-)
Johan Eddebo, Associate Professor, Philosophy of Religion (2013-)
Evelina Edfors, PhD Candidate, Philosophy of Religion (2023-)
Ninna Edgardh, Professor emerita, Ecclesiology (2008-)
Jenny Ehnberg, PhD, Ethics (2021-)
Marianne-Ekedahl, Asst. Prof. Religionspsykologi (2022 - )
Victoria Enkvist, Associate Professor, Constitutional Law (2008-)
Seth Epstein, PhD, Modern History (2020-)
Lise Eriksson, Associate Professor, Sociology (2016-)
Malin Eriksson, Professor, Social Work (2023-)
Johan von Essen, Professor, Systematic Theology (2016-)
Manuel Fernandez, MD, Psychiatry (2008-)
Sandra Friberg, Associate Professor, Civil Law (2021-)
Mattias Gardell, Professor, Comparative Religion (2008-)
Jameson Garland, LL.D, Private Law (2021-)
Bengt Gustafsson, Senior Professor, Theoretical Astrophysics (2008-)
Sabina Hadzibulic, PhD, Sociology (2017-)
Daniel Hedlund, Associate Professor, Child and Youth Studies (2021-)
Kristina Helgesson Kjellin, Associate professor, Cultural Anthropology (2021-)
Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, PhD, Political Science (2019-)
Daniel Janse, LL. D, International Law (2008-)
Linnea Jensdotter, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2015-)
Henrik Josfesson, Associate Professor, Environmental Law (2021-)
Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg, Professor, Private International Law (2008-)
Francis Jonbäck, Phd, Philosophy of Religion (2021-)
Elena Kalmykova, PhD, Philosophy of Religion (2018-)
Mirjam Katzin, LL.D, Social law (2021-)
Lars Karlander, LL.D, Constitutional law  (2019-)
Pia Karlsson-Minganti, PhD, Ethnology (2013-)
Moa Kindström Dahlin, Senior Lecturer, Law (2016-)
Maria Klingenberg, Associate Professor, Sociology of religion (2013-)
Lotta Knutsson Bråkenhielm, PhD, Philosophy of Religion (2008-)
Mats Kumlien, Professor emeritus, Legal history (2008-)
Ernils Larsson, PhD, History of Religion (2016-)
Mikael Larsson, Associate Professor, Biblical Exegesis (2023-)
Oscar Larsson, PhD, Political Science (2017-)
Stephen LeDrew, PhD, Sociology (2014-)
Mikael Leidenhag, PhD, Philosophy of Religion (2010-)
Annette Leis-Peters, Professor, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Oliver Li, PhD, Philosophy of Religion (2015-)
Maria Liljas, Associate Professor, Psychology of Religion (2008-2021)
Anna-Sara Lind, Professor, Public Law (2011-)
Alf Linderman, Associate Professor, Sociology of Religion (2011-)
Andreas Linderyd, PhD, Economics (2021-)
Christina Lloyd, PhD, Psychology of Religion (2013-)
Linnea Lundgren, PhD, Civil Society studies (2016-)
Evelina Lundmark, PhD, Sociology of religion (2015-)
Malin Löfstedt, Senior Lecturer, Ethics and Didactics of Religion (2013-)
Mia Lövheim, Professor, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Emir Mahieddin, PhD, Anthropology (2017-)
Edda Manga, PhD, History of Science and Ideas (2008-)
Anthoula Malkopoulou, Assistant Professor, Political Science (2019-)
Ingrid Malm-Lindberg, PhD, Philosophy of Religion (2015-)
Johan Marticki, Doctoral candidate, Philosophy of Religion, (2021-)
Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Patricia Mindus, Professor, Practical Philosophy, (2019-)
Vanja Mosbach, PhD, Sociology of religion (2013-)
Yukako Nahlbom, (f.d. Kawanaka), Phd, Psychology of religion (2013-)
Cecilia Nahnfeldt, Professor, Practical Theology (2020-)
Annika Nilsson, Associate Professor, Public Law (2018-)
Per-Erik Nilsson, Associate Professor, History of Religions (2008-)
Magdalena Nordin, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2019-)
Fred Nyberg, Professor emeritus, Biological Research on Drug Dependence (2008-)
Johanna Ohlsson, PhD Ethics (2022-)
Sofia Oreland, Doctoral candidate, History of Religions and World Christianity (2021-)
Per Pettersson, Professor emeritus, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Emin Poljarevic, Associate Professor, Sociology of Religion (2016-)
Oriol Poveda, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2014-)
Elena Prats, PhD candidate, Practical Philosophy, (2019-)
Elisabeth Punzi, PhD, Psychology of Religion (2016-)
Soorej Puthoopparambil, PhD, Medicine (Migration and Health) (2023-)
Maria Refors Legge, Jur. Dr., Public Law (2021-)
Mattias Rosenfeldt, Doctoral Candidate, Theology (2018-)
Peter Rudberg, PhD, Political Science/Environmental Policy (2023-)
Wolfgang Rutz, Professor emeritus, Psychiatry (2013-)
Mats Rydinger, PhD, Psychology of Religion (2014-)
Mosa Sayed, Associate Professor, Private International Law (2008-)
Åsa Schumann, PhD, Psychology of Religion (2013-)
Mudar Shakra, Doctoral Candidate, Psychology of Religion (2018-)
Ida Simonsson, PhD, Systematic Theology (2023-)
Anna Singer, Professor, Private Law (2008-)
Anders Sjöborg, Associate Professor, Sociology of Religion (2008-)
Rebecca Thorburn Stern, Professor, International law (2015-)
Mikael Stenmark, Professor, Philosophy of Religion (2008-)
Marie Steinrud, PhD, Ethnology and History of Culture (2016-)
Mikaela Sundberg, Professor, Sociology (2021-)
Josephine Sundqvist, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2010-)
Lenita Törning, PhD Psychosocial studies (2022- )
Laima Vaige, PhD, Private International Law (2016-)
Helena Wangefeldt Ström, PhD, Museology (2023-)
Andreas Wejderstam, PhD Church History (2022-)
Johan Wejryd, PhD, Political Science (2008-)
David Westerlund, Professor, Religious Studies (2011-2023)
Katarina Westerlund, Associate Professor, Systematic Theology and Studies in Worldviews (2013-)
Anneli Winell, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2009-)
Anna Wrammert, PhD, Sociology of Religion (2017-)
Ulf Zackariasson, Associate Professor, Philosophy of Religion (2008-)
Kavot Zillén, Associate Professor, Medical Law (2011-)

Last modified: 2023-11-24