Join CRS research environment

Join us as a guest researcher

Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS) at Uppsala University is an interdisciplinary research environment focusing above all the on-going religious and social changes in contemporary society.

Our visiting guest researcher, providing an academic environment including access to university library resources (digital as well as physical books and journals). The centre offers an office with access to computer, printer, wi-fi etc, but cannot provide any employment or salary, nor accommodation.

For more information, please contact CRS director

Developing new projects

We actively welcome contact with researchers who are developing projects of an interdisciplinary or multi-disciplinary nature within the field of Religion and Society research and feel that CRS may be the right environment to host such a project. 

To discuss your ideas and how they could fit with the research profile of the centre send an expression of interest to, containing a brief description of your project idea, a CV and information on where you are considering applying for funding. We are happy to discuss and support the development of projects that can be of mutual interest to the CRS environment and you as a researcher.

Last modified: 2022-04-27