Artificial Intelligence, democracy and human dignity

As artificial intelligence is growing in scope and strength, it raises the issue of whether it could develop independence. A research project at Uppsala University led by Anna-Sara Lind will monitor this development and how it impacts on society. 

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One of the fundamental issues for the researchers to investigate is whether strong AI is even possible and, if so, how it would affect democracy, human dignity, human rights and other ethical questions.

In the historical paradigm shift entailed by today’s technological development, there is a risk of humans having less influence in the world, instead of more. This gives rise to a need for a deeper understanding of the values created and transferred as technology based on artificial intelligence becomes increasingly common. The research project is intended to create a clearer idea of which effects artificial intelligence may have in terms of rights, ethics, world views and social institutions at a global level.



1 January 2020 until 31 December 2024


The project is funded by the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

Project members
  • Scientific leader Anna-Sara Lind
  • Fil.Dr. Johan Eddebo, Uppsala University
  • Fil.Dr. Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, Uppsala University 
  • Fil.Dr. Lars Karlander, Uppsala University 
  • Fil.Dr. Oliver Li, Uppsala University 
  • Fil.Dr. Johan Wejryd, Uppsala University