Artificial Intelligence, Democracy and Human Dignity

As artificial intelligence is growing in scope and strength, it raises the issue of whether it could develop independence. A research project at Uppsala University led by Anna-Sara Lind will monitor this development and how it impacts on society. 

One of the fundamental issues for the researchers to investigate is whether strong AI is even possible and, if so, how it would affect democracy, human dignity, human rights and other ethical questions.


One of the fundamental issues for the researchers to investigate is whether strong AI is even possible and, if so, how it would affect democracy, human dignity, human rights and other ethical questions.

In the historical paradigm shift entailed by today’s technological development, there is a risk of humans having less influence in the world, instead of more. This gives rise to a need for a deeper understanding of the values created and transferred as technology based on artificial intelligence becomes increasingly common. The research project is intended to create a clearer idea of which effects artificial intelligence may have in terms of rights, ethics, world views and social institutions at a global level.

Anna-Sara Lind

Professor i offentlig rätt vid Juridiska institutionen, Professorer, lärare, forskare

Forskare Vetenskaplig ledare vid Centrum för mångvetenskaplig forskning om religion och samhälle (CRS)

Forskare vid Centrum för mångvetenskaplig forskning om rasism (CFR)



  • Presentation of preliminary results and the project's foundations under the title "Strong AI and human dignity" at The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy, Tokyo 23/3 2019
  • Anna-Sara Lind moderates the symposium "Demokratins hälsa idag och i morgon", Uppsala universitet. The First deputy speaker of the parliament was also present. Uppsala 8/11 2019
  • Presentation at Nordiska administrativa förbundet with the title "AI, demokratin och rättsstaten – presentation av ett forskningsprojekt", Stockholm 29/11 2019.
  • Presentation of the project at the constitutional law unit at the Swedish Ministry of Justice under the title "AI och grundlagen", Stockholm 28/3 2019
  • Seminar held at the post-graduate level at the law programme at Uppsala University, under the title "Artificiell intelligens", Uppsala 9/9 2019
  • Participation at the conference "Cogito Ergo Sum? AI in Japan and Sweden", Linköping Universitet, 24/9 2019
  • Participation at the conference "Konferensen Guds rike" under the title "AI och människovärdet - utmaningar och möjligheter", Stockholm 24/11 2019
  • Anna-Sara Lind, Jonas Hultin Rosenberg and Johan Wejryd holds a presentation under the title ”AI, demokrati och mänsklig värdighet” at a seminar with Nordiskt administrativt förbund [Nordic Association for Administration], Supreme Administrative Court, Stockholm. November 29.


  • Anna-Sara Lind publishes a WASP-AS blog post, "Bortom dagens AI-hype", January 14.
  • Presentation at the CRS collaboration day, Uppsala University, regarding the importance of humanities research and perpectives from religious studies in relation to the AI area, Uppsala 4/2 2020
  • Participation in panel debate at Katedralcaféet with Antje Jackelén and Paul Hemerén under the title "Äkta människor, äkta AI: om etiken i förhållandet mellan artificiell intelligens och människan", Uppsala 24/2 2020
  • Participation in the theme event "AI och mänsklig beröring" at Katedralakademien, Stockholm 3/5 2020
  • Arranged workshop/seminar series with prof. Åsa Cajander and the Human Technology research group, May-June 2020
  • Johan Wejryd and A. Åkerlind holds a Digital ”Guided introduction” of Lars Arrhenius’ work at the Uppsala Museum of Art. June 10 2020.
  • Anna-Sara Lind is a panel speaker at "AI and law", Gothenburg. June 17.
  • Presentation on digital technology in the workplace at UppTalk Weekly, fall 2020. Online:
  • Book chapter "Förvaltning och EU:s dataskydd" by J. Reichel & Anna-Sara Lind, in: Sandström, L, & Peterson, C, (Eds.), Den svenska förvaltningsmodellen is published by Jure förlag.
  • Speaker Seminar "Digital Humanities", Uppsala University. "AI and the (limits of) law". September 9.

  • Participation at the conference "Salamis and Democracy, 2500 years after", on the topic of AI and democracy. October.
  • The article "Allmän rösträtt 30 år? En tvärvetenskaplig blick på rätten till politiskt inflytande för barn, funktionshindrade och mottagare av försörjningsstöd" by Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, Anna-Sara Lind and Johan Wejryd is published in Nordisk Socialrättslig tidskrift.
  • The article "The all-affected principle reconsidered" by Jonas Hultin Rosenberg is published in Social Theory and Practice.
  • Participation in the seminar "Hjärnan och evigheten" at Katedralakademin, Stockholm 14/11 2020
  • Participation in podcast on hauntology and retro-futurism with Zak McGaha and Ken Ammi. 2020.
  • Lecture at Härnäsands pensionärsuniversitet regarding our research project, Härnösand 7/12 2020
  • Anna-Sara Lind publishes a legal opinion on SOU 2020:45, Ett ändamålsenligt skydd för tryck- och yttrandefriheten, December 2020


  • Article "Inget riktigt liv i det falska" by Johan Eddebo published in Signum. The topic is the human condition in relation to digitized isolation. January 2021.
  • Presentation on the WASP-HS winter conference of the project's status with special regard to the details of our interdisciplinary research work. 2021.
  • Book Mänskliga rättigheter i det lokala Sverige, edited by O. Lundin & Anna-Sara Lind is published by Studentlitteratur.
  • Book chapter "Mänskliga rättigheter - ett ansvar för det lokala" by O. Lundin & Anna-Sara Lind, in Lundin, O. & Lind, A-S. (eds.), Mänskliga rättigheter i det lokala Sverige, is published by Studentlitteratur.
  • Book chapter "Artificiella beslutsfattare i den kommunala förvaltningen" by Lars Karlander, in Lundin, O. & Lind, A-S. (eds.), Mänskliga rättigheter i det lokala Sverige, is published by Studentlitteratur.
  • Op-ed "Sluta förfasa er över gangsterrapen" by Johan Eddebo & Emil Lundin is published in Göteborgs-Posten. On the effects upon culture by algorithmic governance of social media. January 2021.
  • Johan Eddebo's book chapter ”Thanatos och längtan bortom livet”, in Reinhold, Emilie, Wandery, Oscar, På tal om döden: Essäer, is published by Makadam förlag. Spring 2021

  • Johan Wejryd holds a presentation under the title ”Exil för alla”  on church related, liberal perspectives on integration at the Church of Sweden’s Institute for Education (education of ministers, deacons and parish educators). April 21.

  • Anna-Sara Lind & Sandra Friberg publishes a legal opinion on the European Commissions AI Act proposal, Proposal for a Regulation laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence and amending certain union legislative acts (COM(2021) 206, June 2021.

  • "The Artificial Paradise", research article by Johan Eddebo is published in Svensk teologisk kvartalsskrift in July 2021.

    The redemptive function of science is a central facet of contemporary late-modern mythology, which due to the preeminent discursive hegemony of scientism generally goes more or less unexamined. A kind of redemptive scientism has popularly been acknowledged as simply real and unquestionably true, whereas neither the rationale nor the character of these narratives are sufficiently critically examined. 

  • Oliver Li's article "Problems with 'Friendly-AI'" is published in Ethics and Information Technology. doi: 10.1007/s10676-021-09595-x

  • Lecture by Anna-Sara Lind at Åbo Academy, Finland, on the topic "Legislating AI – a matter of high-risk administration?".

  • Presentation at the WASP-HS researcher seminar by Anna-Sara Lind & Sandra Friberg on the theme of "Regulating AI – legal perspectvies on the recent Proposal from the European Commission". June 3.

  • Popular science/fiction piece, "A Study in Chrome" by Oliver Li and Johan Eddebo published in ShabdAaweg Review of New Delhi. Fall 2021.
  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg presents the paper “Machine Learning and Democratic Legitimacy” (together with Ludvig Beckman and Karim Jebari) at the conference Governing AI, MANCEPT workshops, 9-10 September.
  • Popular science/cultural analysis piece, "Faith, Biopower and Utopia", by Johan Eddebo published in Catholic World Report. Late September 2021.
  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg arranges a seminar with Maria Nordström (KTH) on” Legitimacy of AI for public use: in virtue of what?”, October 11.

  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg presents the paper “The democratic inclusion of artificial intelligence? Exploring the patiency, agency and relational conditions for demos membership” (together with Ludvig Beckman at the PPE seminar at the Institute for future studies, Stockholm, November 11.

  • Johan Eddebo's article ”The Faustian Machine and the Chrome Lotus: On the diversity of perspectives on the metaphysics of artificial intelligence with a particular focus on the contributions of traditional non-Western thought” is published in New Techno Humanities, December 2021.

  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg publishes a pre-print version of “The democratic inclusion of artificial intelligence? Exploring the patiency, agency and relational conditions for demos membership” in Studies in the Democratic Boundary Problem, Institute for Futures Studies Working paper series. Co-authored with Ludvig Beckman.

  • Book chapter "Rätten till deltagande och den territoriella rösträtten i den lokala svenska demokratin" by Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, in Lundin, O. & Lind, A-S. (eds.), Mänskliga rättigheter i det lokala Sverige, is published by Studentlitteratur.


  • Anna-Sara Lind arranges a national summit on the theme of Artificial intelligence and jurisprudence - ongoing and upcoming research, attended by some 40 legal scholars from Sweden. January 24, 2022.

  • Anna-Sara Lind arranges a book release and seminar on pedagogy on the theme of AI, digitalization and law with Gregor Noll. January 25.

  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg presents the project at CRS Collaboration day, February 1.

  • Anna-Sara Lind holds a presentation at the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs with the title "Public information - taking Human Rights seriously" for the international corp of diplomats. March 24, 2022.

  • Johan Eddebo, lecture on the risks of digitalization in terms of children's and adolescents' cognitive development. PRO, Luleå. March 26, 2022.

  • Anna-Sara Lind moderates at the De Lege Book Launch for the panel "New legislation for AI. Currently a lot of legislation is proposed at EU level that regulates AI." April 25, 2022.

  • Johan Eddebo, participation in panel debate at the De Lege Book Launch, Faculty of Law, on the topic "AI-Leviathan: AI in the public sector and the public sphere", Uppsala, April 25, 2022.

  • Eddebo, Johan & Lind, Anna-Sara, publishes book chapter "Artificial Intelligence and Imperceptible Governance – Reflections from a cross-disciplinary encounter" in AI, Law and Digitalization, De Lege 2021, Iustus förlag 2022, pp. 497-516 (20 p)

  • Anna-Sara Lind holds a guest lecture in Tallinn with the title "Legislating AI - new forms of realizing the rule of law?". May 5, 2022.

  • Johan Eddebo - presentation on research connected to problems of definition in regard to "hate speech"-moderation in digital contexts at the higher seminar of Political Science. May 5, 2022.

  • Oliver Li - participation in the panel debate "Hjärnan och evigheten" May 7, 2022, at 'Katedralakademin' in Katarinaförsamling/Stockholm

  • Johan Wejryd presents “Perceptions of personhood – a political sociological inquiry into the metaphors of AI:s and humans” at the symposium “Artificial Personhood in the 21 Century – Philosophical, Legal, and Political Perspectives” on June 22.

  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg publishes the article "Artificial intelligence and democratic legitimacy. The problem of publicity in public authority" in AI & Society ( Co-authored with Ludvig Beckman and Karim Jebari.

  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg publishes the article “The democratic inclusion of artificial intelligence? Exploring the patiency, agency and relational conditions for demos membership” in Philosophy & Technology. Co-authored with Ludvig Beckman.

  • Jonas Hultin Rosenberg gives a presentation on “Independence, Consciousness, and the Political Standing of AI” at the conference Artificial Personhood in the 21 Century: Philosophical, Legal, and Political Perspectives, Uppsala June 21-22.

  • Lars Karlander presented a draft paper entitled "Two Routes to Legal Personhood" at the symposium “Artificial Personhood in the 21 Century – Philosophical, Legal, and Political Perspectives” on June 22.

  • Anna-Sara Lind, presentation in Almedalen on interdisciplinary research and its funding, arranged by CIRCUS and attended by funding institutions. July 4, 2022.

  • Anna-Sara Lind, UR-episode for youth on the Swedish constitution: July 25, 2022.

  • Johan Eddebo participates in the podcast Thinking Thomas on the topic of transhumanism and its ideological and philosophical roots. November 2, 2022. (

  • Yulia Razmetaeva presents “AI in the courts: what is wrong with the rule of law?” at the CRoLEV Net Launch, The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence on the Rule of Law and European Values (CRoLEV) at the School of Law of the University of Central Lancashire in Cyprus, on November 2, 2022. Video recording of the event:

  • Anna-Sara Lind, presentation at the Foundation for Jurisprudential Research on the topic of Artificial intelligence, democracy and human dignity. November 11, 2022.

  • Oliver Li - participation in the seminar "Offentlig upphandling av digitala system (Public procurement of digital systems) " SNS - Stockholm, 15th of Nov. 2022 

  • Johan Wejryd gives a speech ”Strengthening of the ‘system world’ at the expense of the ‘life world’: A Canopy for Research on AI” at the WASP-HS conference AI for Humanity and Society 2022, on November 17.

  • Anna-Sara Lind, arranging AI4HS Dreams, Realities, and Futures: Risks and Consequences of AI in Formative Times. November 17, 2022.

  • Yulia Razmetaeva presents “Digital platforms’ normative role in today’s world” at The Ethics of Business, Trade, & Global Governance: An Interdisciplinary Conference (Wentworth-by-the-Sea, New Castle, NH, US) on December 3, 2022.
  • Presentation at The Ethics of Business, Trade, & Global Governance: An Interdisciplinary Conference (Wentworth-by-the-Sea, New Castle, NH, US) by Yulia Razmetaeva on the theme of “Digital platforms’ normative role in today’s world”. December 3, 2022.

  • Oliver Li - participation in the i workshop "AI4 research" 5th Dec. 2022, Uppsala Universitet, Humanistiska Teatern

  • Edquist, S, Huvila, I, Lind, A-S (eds.), Makten över information – en brevbok, CRS rapporter nr 2, 2022 (74 s). Also includes Oliver Li and Lars Karlander.

  • Oliver Li - article published: Vänlig AI – eller vänliga människor? (Friendly AI - or friendly humans?) 2022 in SANS, ISSN 1401-8691, Vol. 4

  • Oliver Li - article response published: Kommentar: Vänlig AI och mänsklig moralutveckling (Comment: Friendly AI and human moral development) 2023 in SANS, ISSN 2000-9690, Vol. 1. Published in December 2022, dated 2023.

  • In February 2022, Silvia Carretta presents her work at the WASP-HS Winter conference (in Balkenius, C. & Sjöstrand, E. (Eds), Proceedings of the Second WASP-HS Winter Conference, WASP-HS, 2022) and participates in the panel discussion “Ethics of AI, robots and autonomous systems”
  • Silvia is invited to present at the conference organized in April by the Doctoral School in Legal Science of the University of Florence (Italy) for the EU Project "Department of Excellence" 2018-2022. The conference discusses the topic of “Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities. Challenges and opportunities”. For that occasion, she writes a conference paper on “Creating a new model of Smart City: the Swedish example” (forthcoming in 2024).
  • Silvia publishes a chapter in the new edition of “De Lege 2021: Law, AI and Digitalisation”. The chapter is titled “Liability for Copyright Infringement and Algorithmic Content Moderation: A Matter of Proportion”. In April, she also participates at the lunch event, in a panel discussion on “AI-Leviathan: AI in the public sector and the public sphere”.
  • Silvia presents her research at the higher seminar of the Faculty of Law, Uppsala University, on October 13th 2022.
  • In November 2022, Silvia co-publishes a paper on “A structured analysis of the implementation of Articles 18–23 of the Directive (EU) 2019/790 on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market into Swedish law” in the Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, (Volume 17, Issue 11, November 2022)
  • On 6/7 December 2022, Silvia is invited as a moderator at the NY AI Summit – Women in AI flagship summit, in New York (USA). She is a moderator at the welcome breakfast roundtable, the lunch fire chat discussions as well as in the panel on ‘Ethics and culture in the AI field’.


  • Johan Wejryd, 17 januari 2023. ”Strengthening of the ‘system world’ at the expense of the ‘life world’: A Canopy for Research on AI”. Bloggpost på hemsidan för Wasp-HS.
  • Oliver Li, Deltagare i panelsamtalet ”Hjärnan och evigheten II” 25:e mars 2023 i Stockholm arrangerad av Katedralakademin och S:ta Katharinastiftelsen
  • Johan Eddebo, 31 mars 2023, conference presentation at The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2023. “On the Identification and Suppression of Indirect Hate Speech in Online Contexts”.
  • Yulia Razmetaeva , 22 May 2023, Workshop Judicial protection in EU cross-border evidence gathering, The Swedish Network for European Legal Studies (SNELS), Uppsala University, and KU Leuven, May 22, 2023, Uppsala, commentator to panel “The New E-evidence Package: New Frontier of (Mutual) Trust?”
  • 2 May 2023, Yulia Razmetaeva presents with concluding remarks on AI and justice and public decision-making at “Digitalisation of justice and Predictive justice: European and Asian perspectives. The Second Conference on Digitalization and Legal Culture”. Hybrid Conference, May 2, 2023, Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza, Università Roma Tre
  • 3 May 2023, AI research at Uppsala in Social Sciences and Humanities: a cross-disciplinary and future-oriented workshop, Uppsala University, Uppsala, presentation of project “Artificial Intelligence, Democracy and Human Dignity” (Johan Wejryd, Yulia Razmetaeva and Oliver Li)
  • 26 May 2023, Yulia Razmetaeva presents on “Private Algorithms, Public Consequences” at XXVII biennial Colloquium “Public and Private in Contemporary Societies”, Session Digital technologies and the new public/private interface, May 25, 26 and 27, 2023, Italian Association of Comparative Law (AIDC), Università degli Studi di Bari, Bari-Taranto, Italy
  • Johan Eddebo, 9 juni 2023. “The ontological implications of persistent transcultural linguistic associations.” Conference presentation at International Colloquium in Contemporary Philosophy and Culture, Global Cultural Encounters: Impacts and Inspirations, June 8-10, 2023. 3rd International Colloquium in Contemporary Philosophy and Culture.
  • Johan Eddebo arranges workshop for CRS on digitalization and freedom of speech in collaboration with The University of Tokyo ”On the Importance of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association in Relation to Digitalized Mass Surveillance and Automated Moderation and Censorship”. Speaker: Johan Eddebo, Associate Professor and Researcher at Centre for Multidisciplinary Research on Religion and Society (CRS), Uppsala University. Commentator: Prof Maiko Ichihara, Graduate School of Law and the School of International and Public Policy; Assistant Vice President for International Affairs, Hitotsubashi University. Moderator: Patrick Poon, Visiting Researcher, University of Tokyo.
  • Yulia Razmetaeva , 11 September 2023, UACES Annual Conference 2023 (The 53rd European Studies Conference), 3-6 September 2023, and 11 September virtually, Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK, panel speaker with a presentation “The Rule of Law Crisis: Between Indefinable Values and Technological Determinism”
  • Oliver Li, Offentligt föredrag och samtal i “Skapelse och omskapelse – mässa och samtal om alkemin och artificiell intelligens” 24:e september 2023 i Sofia kyrka
  • 26 and 27 September 2023, Yulia Razmetaeva organizes and moderates a panel discussion “AI, justice and public power” at VII Kharkiv International Legal Forum organized by Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University in partnership with the National Academy of Legal Sciences.
  • For this panel discussion 26 September 2023 Yulia Razmetaeva presents on “How artificial intelligence affects justice and public power in terms of values”, Sandra Friberg presents on “Protecting Human Rights in the CAI Convention”; 27 September 2023 Anna-Sara Lind presents on “Legislating AI – a constitutional quest for national public administration? The case of Sweden”
  • Oliver Li, participant in panel discussion: “Rymd, himmel och evighet - tre synsätt på kosmologi” October 3, 2023 in Uppsala Cathedral, arranged by Rymdstyrelsen, Uppsala University, Uppsala Cathedral and Katedralakademin
  • Oliver Li, Presentation, “AI och kyrkan” 10:e oktober 2023 i Årsta-Enskede församling
  • Oliver Li, Presentation, “Att vara människa i en tid med Artificiell intelligens” 20:e oktober 2023 för RWS-Riksföreningen Waldorfförskolornas Samråd i Järna
  • Li, O., Eddebo, J., Karlander, L., Friberg, S., Razmetaeva, Y. (2023) Debatt. ”AI-tekniken riskerar göra oss dummare”. Aftonbladet.
  • Eddebo, J. (2023). Debatt. ”Det självständiga spöket i maskinen är en farlig myt.” Dagens nyheter.
  • Li, O. (2023). ”Artificial General Intelligence and Panentheism”. Theology and Science21(2), 273–287.
  • Li, O. (2023). ”Re-creating the world—On necessary features for the creation of AGI”. New Techno Humanities3(1), 56–64.
  • Eddebo, J. and Li, O. (2023). ”The humanity of the non-human - Themes of artificial subjectivity in Ishiguro’s Klara and the Sun” New Techno Humanities.
  • Li, O. (2023). “Varför ska man inte gifta sig med en AI?” Forskning och framsteg.
  • Li, O. (2023) “Kommentar: Vänlig AI och mänsklig moralutveckling” 2023 i SANS, ISSN 2000-9690, Vol. 1.
  • Eddebo participates in a panel discussion at Skeppet GBG on AI and some unconventional risks. October 26, Gothenburg.
  • Razmetaeva, Y (2023). “Sacralization of AI”. Talk About: Law and Religion. Blog of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies (Brigham Young University, USA). Part of the series “The Sacralization of AI and the AI-zation of the Sacred”.
  • Eddebo, J. (2023). “AI and the Commodification of Religion”. Talk About: Law and Religion. Blog of the International Center for Law and Religion Studies (Brigham Young University, USA). Part of the series “The Sacralization of AI and the AI-zation of the Sacred”.
  • Eddebo, J. (2023). “On the Identification and Suppression of Hate Speech in Online Contexts”. The Asian Conference on Ethics, Religion & Philosophy 2023 Official Conference Proceedings, The International Academic Forum (IAFOR) , s. 37-43
  • Razmetaeva, Y (2023), conference presentation, “The Rule of Law Crisis: Between Indefinable Values and Technological Determinism” in UACES 2023, Theme Track The Rule of Law under scrutiny: Interdisciplinary, Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives.
  • Lind, A-S, Review of Hyltén-Cavallius, Katarina & Paju, Jaan (Eds.) Free Movement of Persons in the Nordic States, EU Law, EEA Law and regional cooperation, Hart Publishing, Europarättslig tidskrift 2023
  • Lind, A-S, Legislating AI – a matter of high-risk administration?, in Suksi, M, (red.) The Rule of Law and Automated Decision-making – Exploring Fundamentals of Algorithmic Governance, Springer, 2023, s. 179-194 (16 s)
    Friberg, S, & Lind, A-S, Same same but different? Ett par påpekanden i anledning av AI-reglering i Europeiska unionen respektive Europarådet, i: Dahlin m.fl. (red.) Festskrift till Elisabeth Rynning, Iustus förlag, 2023, s. 93-108 (16 s)
  • Razmetaeva, Y, Lind, A-S, Friberg, S, Better safe than sorry: Reflections on the Artificial Intelligence Act, mars 2024, tillgänglig på:
  • Ruotsi, Mikael, & Lind, Anna-Sara, Om fängslande klimatdemonstrationer, Dagens juridik, 21 juni 2023,
  • Dignum, V, Lind, A-S et al., Why We Shouldn’t Pause Research on AI, but Instead Prioritize Multidisciplinary Research and AI Governance,, 4 maj 2023
    Lee, Francis & Lind, A-S, Intermediary Reflections on AI for Humanity and Society 2022,, 8 februari 2023
  • 26 oktober 2023 - Anna-Sara Lind, presentation on AI, Folkuniversitetet, Bålsta
  • 19 juni 2023, Anna-Sara Lind, reflections and comments on the texts of the conference "Health and Genetic Data: Legal, Governance and Administrative Transformations", The European Health Data Space. Comments on "A blanket authorisation for health data capture?" (E. Santamaria) and "Lawfulness of processing under the GDPR as limiting factor for secondary use of health and genetic data" (R. becker et al).
  • 22 maj 2023 Anna-Sara Lind moderates the panel of the SNELS conference Judicial Protection in EU Cross-Border Evidence Gathering
  • 11 maj 2023 presentation on EU och human rights, MR-fonden
  • 13 februari 2023 presentation at Uppsala universitet and Jerusalem Hebrew University, Artificial Intelligence, Democracy and Human Dignity

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