Digital Book release Religion, Migration and Existential Wellbeing

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  • Plats: Zoom
  • Föreläsare: Redaktörer: Moa Kindström Dahlin, Oscar Larsson and Anneli Winell
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  • Arrangör: Centrum för mångvetenskaplig forskning om religion och samhälle (CRS)
  • Kontaktperson: Martha Middlemiss Lé Mon
  • Seminarium

Boksläpp: Redaktörerna kommer att presentera boken "Religion, migration och existentiellt välbefinnande" och med bidrag till diskussioner från flera andra.

Book Description


This book uses the very latest research to examine current interactions between religion, migration and existential wellbeing. In particular, it demonstrates the role of religion and religious organizations in the social, medical and existential wellbeing of immigrants within their host societies. By focusing on the role and politics of religion and religious organisations as well as the religious identity and faith of individuals, it highlights the connection between existential wellbeing, integration and social cohesion.

The book brings together researchers from various disciplines taking on the challenge to elaborate on the theme of this book from different perspectives, using different methods and theories with a wide selection of cases from various parts of the world. The value of multidisciplinary research on the role of religion in a globalised society – locally, nationally and internationally – is important for understanding the composition and potential solutions to social and political problems. Religious aspects and organisations are present in legal, political and social forms of governance and form the basis for future research on e.g. secularisation, democracy, minorities, human rights, welfare, healthcare and identity formation. These and other related topics are discussed in this book.

This book is an up-to-date and multifaceted study of how religion engages with the mass movement of peoples. As such, it will be of great interest to any scholar of Religious Studies, Migrant Studies, Sociology of Religion, Religion and Politics, as well as Legal Studies with a human right focus.

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Digital Book release Religion, Migration and Existential Wellbeing