Disputation: EU Law and Religion - A Study of How the Court of Justice has Adjudicated on Religious Matters in Union Law - Emma Ahlm


Emma Ahlm disputerar i europarätt den 27 november 2020
Phd candidate at the faculty of law, Uppsala university and researcher affiliated to CRS will defend her thesis entitled EU Law and Religion - A Study of How the Court of Justice has adjudicated on Religious Matters in Union Law.  
Opponent: Prof Lucy Vickers, Oxford Brookes, UK 
Chairperson of the public defence: Prof Petra Hertzfeld Olsson, Stockholm University 

This study has caught a legal development in the making. The Court of Justice has, over the last ten years, developed a body of case law relating to religious matters in connection to EU law which spans a wide range of subject areas; non-discrimination law, data protection, state aid, animal welfare and slaughter rules. Starting with the idea of religious territoriality and the principle of cuius regio eius religio (the ruler decides the religion of his territory) emanating from the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, the study focuses on the relationship between the European Union and the Member States concerning religious issues. Historically, religion in Europe had strong ties to the nation state. 

For more information on the thesis and how to register to attend the defense see here

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