Dissertation on secularism and nationalism


In the dissertation “Everybody, Welcome to France” Per-Erik Nilsson is studying the topic of secularism and national identity in contemporary France. The specific research question is how France has been articulated as a “secular” republic in political speech and legislative text and how this articulation relates to conceptions of “nation”, “integration”, and “citizenship”.

Per-Erik Nilsson analyzes the articulation of France as a secular republic in two case studies. The first one is the Islamic Veil Affair in 2003-4 when the French Republic legislated against the wearing of conspicuous religious symbols in public schools, and the second is when the wearing of burkas and niqabs were prohibited in public space in 2010 (law implemented in 2011).

He argues that these affairs became sceneries for a nationalistic reification by the political elite through the construction of an imagined intrusive other whose presence was thought to be in need of neutralization or deportation.

The dissertation constitutes with the project: Secularism, political theology and politics of identity in the Impact Programme within the research theme: Integration, Democracy and Political Culture, which is concerned with the complex relationships between religion, human rights, democracy and national security.

Per-Erik Nilsson, received his PhD from the Department of Theology in Uppsala in autumn 2012,

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