Instruction for paper presentation

1. Each paper is given 15 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for comments/questions, altogether 20 minutes.

2. Each session has a chair that will keep strictly to the times, so that each presentation not exceed 15 minutes. Please measure the time of your presentation before coming to the conference.

3. In some of the sessions there will be 10 minutes for common discussion and questions by the end of the session.

4. Use of powerpoint will be possible in all session rooms.

5. Powerpoint presentations should be brought by a USB-stick, and loaded in the computer in the respective session room during the break before the paper session. A Conference Steward will be there to assist you.

6. You do not need to bring a full written paper. But if you want, you may bring a few copies of the full or summarized paper, to hand out at the session.

7. There will be no common publication of the conference papers. But one anthology is planned:– The Impact of Religion with particular focus on Religion, Migration and Related Issues. A call for contributions will be presented at the conference.

If you have any questions concerning your presentation, please contact Per Pettersson