Themes for papers and special paper sessions

There are 10 general broad themes announced in the call for papers. Thematic sessions will be organised out of the accepted abstracts. Additionally 7 special open sessions are added, see no 11-18 below. If your abstract doesn’t fit into any of the options, you choose no 18, “Other related themes”

Themes to be organised in paper sessions

1. Religion and migration

2. Religion in the public sphere, media and politics

3. Religious diversity, non-religion, secularism   

4. Religious freedom versus other human rights

5. Religion and youth, family, gender, sexuality

6. Religion and racism, discrimination, segregation

7. Religion and violence, terror and the security state

8. Faith based organisations as welfare providers, civil society, social capital

9. Existential health and well-being

10. Science and religion, relativism and absolutism

Special open paper sessions (Link to abstracts describing the special sessions)

11. Religious Engagement to foster Integration in Diaspora: Immigrants Communities as key players?

12. Acknowledging diversity, claiming equality: Religion, law and politics in Europe and the Mediterranean

13.Refugees and religiosity in integration policies, practices and responses

14. Monastic life and development 

15. ‘Forced’ or ‘voluntary’ marriage? ‘Child’ or ‘adult’?  Conflicting moral and legal discourses in a transnational world

16. Religion in Prison

17. Results of research projects on “Religion and Public Politics”


18. Other related themes 

Last modified: 2021-03-17