Religion and Freedom of Expression

This work package aims to analyse the internet’s global dispersion of both the means of expression (hundreds of millions of potential publishers) and the audiences (hundreds of millions of receivers), which challenge national cultural norms on the limits of freedom of expression. The various alternatives at our disposal will be studied.

This part of the work package concerning the challenge of religion to freedom of expression, is completed. Three articles have been published: “Freedom of Expression and the limits of tolerance”, in De Lege Årsbook 2009 (Iustus, 2010), “The Right stuff, freedom of expression in the European Court of Justice” in The Constitutional Integrity of the European Union (TMC Asser Press, The Hague, 2010) and “Sanctions against terrorism and their impact on freedom of expression”, in EU Sanctions: Law and Policy Issues Concerning Restrictive Measures (Intersentia, Brussels, 2011).

Participating researcher: Thomas Bull

Another part of the project is the scope of the right of freedom of religion under the Swedish Constitution. Research on this work package started in the beginning of the Impact programme.The result was presented in a doctoral thesis in November 2013.

Participating researcher: Victoria Enkvist

Last modified: 2021-03-12