Religion, Terrorism and Human Rights

The aim is to analyse the challenges faced by Sweden in balancing the freedoms of religion, expression, association and the right to privacy on the one hand, with the security demands of the EU (in the name of counter-terrorism) on the other. The work package pays close attention to “new” crimes concerning leading/participating in “terrorist networks” or the “glorification of terrorism”. More precisely racial, religious and ethnic profiling is being used to “mine” data and to monitor internet access. What is the price to be paid for these infringements on civil liberty?

Research on this project started in early 2010. Two articles connected to the project have been published: “Terrorism and Legal Security – a Swedish and European perspective”, in De Lege Årsbook 2009 (Iustus, 2010) and “Competing Rights?”, in The Protection of Fundamental Rights in the EU after Lisbon (Oxford, 2013). Another article has been accepted for publication: “The influence of 9/11 on Swedish anti-terrorism policy and measures”, in The Long Decade: How 9/11 Has Changed the Law (OUP, expected publication date, January 2014). The third and final article which is part of this project, “European Standards on National Security and Freedom of Religion” is expected to be completed in Autumn 2013.
Participating researcher: Iain Cameron

Last modified: 2021-03-12