Cusanus: Science and Faith – A Platform for Dialogue and Education in Sweden

The Cusanus project is planned to last for three years, starting om 1st March 2015, and combines education and research. Its aim is to widen the discussion and increase knowledge about the relationship between science and religion, and these two entities can interact constructively. The main target group is theologians and religious leaders, but the project can also work as a resource for teachers and students, as for a wider public. A large number of seminars, conferences and courses are planned to take place, starting from the autumn 2015, some of them for certain groups, other of a public character.

The Cusanus project is funded by the John Templeton Foundation, and carried out by the Department of Theology at Uppsala University, in cooperation with the Church of Sweden, the Sigtuna foundation/ Agora for Biosystems. Chalmers University of Technology, Equmenia Church, Ibn Rushd, the Interreligious Council in Gothenburg, the Stockholm School of Theology and the publisher Verbum are also partners in the project.

Professor Emeritus Carl Reinhold Bråkenhielm is director of the project, Professor Mikael Stenmark is deputy director, and doctoral student Lotta Knutsson Bråkenhielm is project coordinator.
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Participating researchers: Carl Reinhold BråkenhielmMikael StenmarkLotta Knutsson Bråkenhielm

Last modified: 2021-03-17