Relativism as a Challenge for Theology, Law, Social and Natural Sciences

Relativism (in one form or another) has become a pervasive feature of the contemporary world.Some scholars even think that more and more relativism has assumed the role of civil religion in the West. An analysis of relativism is therefore not just of intellectual interest; it matters because of its implications for society. However, our hypothesis is – and in this way this project goes beyond project 6.1 – that how exactly relativism is perceived and responded to will not be the same in every academic discipline. The aim of this project is therefore to engage scholars and scientists from different disciplines to reflect on relativism as a challenge and as an opportunity, its impact on one’s own discipline, on other disciplines, and on late-modern society.

The project starts fall 2013.
Participating researchers: Mikael Stenmark and researchers from other Impact themes

Last modified: 2021-03-17