Discriminatory Practices in Welfare Provisions

The aim of the project is to analyse discrimination practices, and how they are legally and politically dealt with – through the focus of welfare. Welfare provision responds to existential needs and is therefore of particular relevance for studying discrimination. Focusing on two categories particularly exposed to discrimination – Muslim and Roma women – the project aims to analyse what (if any) are the implications, whether discrimination practices  are interpreted in terms of religion or in terms of culture. The aim of the project is comparative in a double sense since the intention is not only to compare discrimination cases of Muslims and of Roma people, but also how these are managed in two national contexts: Sweden and Norway. The project will result in a common research application for external funding and in an interdisciplinary research article composed by the three participating researchers.

The projects starts fall 2013.
Participating researchers:  Karin Borevi, Anna-Sara Lind, Annette Leis-Peters

Last modified: 2021-03-17