Existential needs and experiences in relation to induced abortion

This project delas with existential needs and experiences in relation to induced abortion.
The aim of the project was to illuminate secularized women’s existential questions and needs in relation to induced abortion. The development of a cross-disciplinary collaboration with researchers at the Institution for Public Health and Caring Sciences and the Institution for Women’s and Children’s Health made the project possible.

The study shows that existential thoughts about life and death, guilt, moral and meaning are common among Swedish women going through abortion. But the opposite is also common: many women do not relate the abortion to existential thoughts or needs.

The results of the project have so far been presented in three scientific articles and four chapters in anthologies. The project was formally closed in 2012, but additional publications are on their way, of which a cross-disciplinary anthology on abortion is one. 
Participating researcher: Maria Liljas

Last modified: 2021-03-12