Public Mental Health Promotion

The aim of this overarching research focus area is to establish the area (including a mental health consultation model) of public mental health promotion with special focus on existential and cultural meaning-making , as part of the IMPACT programme. This international area is not yet established in Sweden, and is under development in Norway. The names listed here represent the interdisciplinary format for the area: clinical psychology of religion, psychology, psychiatry, public mental health, and, public health. Development of this area’s special focus will take place in conjunction with established academic and clinical cooperation formats in Norway, and internationally through the Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health section of the World Psychiatry Association as well as the Nordic Network for Faith and Health.  

In addition to establishing the area with its concomitant publications, over the five-year period, this project also will publish international scientific articles and/or seek funding for three identified sub-project areas, all of which involve coordinated inter-disciplinary research teams: a) Worldview and gambling patterns in a Swedish cultural context; b) Psychosocial and Religio-cultural Risk and Protective Factors for Staff Members Working with Unaccompanied Refugee Youth in Sweden; and c) Human rights complaints against Sweden with implications for public mental health and healthcare.

The focus is a development of the cumulative findings and implications from the research results of the separate studies developed in other work packages. The project will start during fall 2013 and be concluded 2017.

Participating researchers: Önver CetrezValerie DeMarinis, Maria Liljas, Fred Nyberg, Rutz
Previously engaged in the project: Elisabeth Rynning

Last modified: 2021-03-12