Right to Health

The aim is to provide a better understanding of the legal implications of good healthcare in a modern multicultural society. 

Christian views related to abortion
Kumlien has produced a manuscript on Christian views related to abortion in historical perspective, examining different religious and legal understandings, and their interactions: "Finns det ett kristet synsätt på abort?" (2012). The article charts the complex changes from the official Catholic Church’s understanding through to today’s categorical condemnation. The text then describes the Swedish legal position’s movement from Middle Age tolerance, to the threat of death for induced abortions in the 1734 law, and through to the abortion law of 1975. Finally, a discussion of the Church of Sweden’s changes in its views on abortion, generally in line with the legal historical pattern, is included.  The article also includes European and North American historical references. 
Particpating researcher: Mats Kumlien

Last modified: 2021-03-12