External resources

Religion in Sweden
Direct link to the Swedish part of EUREL, see below.

Religion in Europe: EUREL
EUREL is a website with Sociological and legal data on religion in Europe providing comparative information from an interdisciplinary perspective.

Legislation on religion in EU Member states: LEGIREL
LEGIREL website gives access to EU Member States’ legislation on religious activities and religious bodies, to the EU provisions relating to religious issues and to the international texts on religious freedom.

Patterns of Governing Religion: international research projects
This website collect findings from international research projects on religion and society: research reports, project websites, and lists of relevant publications. The website is created by the research project Religion and Diversity, at Ottawa University, Canada.

Swedish quantitative surveys and data

International quantitative surveys and data

International thematic resources

Research associations
Religionssociologiska föreningen i Sverige (The Swedish Association of Sociology of Religion)

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