CRS Publication Series

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Welcome to CRS!

The Uppsala Religion and Society Research Centre (CRS) is a centre for interdisciplinary research and education at Uppsala University, Department of Theology. Our focus is at religious and social change within the area of religion, welfare and wellbeing and on the interplay between these processes and the social work of the churches. The centre is responsible for the development of diaconal studies as an academic subject at Uppsala University.

The major research programme is The Impact of religion – Challenges for Society, Law and Democracy. It runs over ten years 2008-2018 and involves about 40 researchers at several faculties and departments at Uppsala university. Apart from this researchers at CRS are involved in a number of other research projects, within the area of welfare, religion and values.

Here, at CRS website you can find information about our research, publications related to this research and courses developed in relation to the research. A chronicle discussing topics related to welfare, religion and values is also regularly published on the website.